1. Coping Skills

From the recording Losing My Grip

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Written by Jennifer Perryman


Coping Skills

Coping skills ... far away from me
Seeking thrills in life's menagerie
Well you say I'm addicted to this sad thing
Well I say not addicted I just sometimes need a fling

Shotgun shells are lying at our feet
Smoking guns point at what's left of you and me
Well I'm tired of the anger and frustration
But it seems they've become my daily libation

So I'm begging God to open up the doors
Before the fIres burn us up to cinders
I'm locked inside a wooden box of hinders
With a lion ... pacing trails across the floor

Nurtured skills don't seem to mean a thing
In payoff s tills I never get the ring
The clouds come and descend on my head like a hood
Comes the thought I most dread, well I'm just not that good.

Bitter pills we swallow day by day
Choke them down with a good stiff shot of pain
You say I don't have to be so hell bent to be lost
But my faith, just like trash, crumpled and tossed