1. Losing My Grip

From the recording Losing My Grip

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Written by Jennifer Perryman


Losing My Grip

(Verse 1)
The arms of our souls stretch the distance
Oh, beaten by time and loneliness
The bond that I thought would last forever
Oh, weariness overtakes.

Well I'm losing my grip
Well I'm losing my grip
No I can't hold on. No, I can't hold on. I can't hold on

(Verse 2)
I see you everywhere I go and my heart aches
And bleeds when I remember you
The little traces of you here and there and everywhere
Thinkin'; how sweet it was and how sick it makes me that I'm the one

Am I making a mistake
This bond I break to spread my wings
And soar high up to the sky
With no string or any such thing holding
How my heart is folding over with grief
And scolding me for the pain that I inject
Soon to overtake and infect
And ultimately reign
And ultimately reign; well I'm