1. Wicked Man

From the recording Losing My Grip

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Written by Jennifer Perryman and James David Barnett


Wicked Man

You're messing with my dreaming
I said I understand you scheming.
You seek to destroy,
'Cuz you're just a scared little boy.
You are a blood sucking leech, a free rider,
The void in your mind growing wider.

You got no direction.
I said you love to squelch perfection
You fancy you as some kind of guru
You wither in the light of creation's joy.
You're just aberration's poster boy

Yeah, you're a wicked man
Why don't you let me be?
Oh, you're a wicked man.
I'll set my soul free.

You're society's defect.
Your stupid sacred cows, you erect.
There is no excuse for your kind of refuse.
Don't you dare put the blame upon my back
For all of the things that you lack.