1. Shake It Off

From the recording Losing My Grip

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Written by Jennifer Perryman and John Anthony Martinez


Shake It Off

Well I made my way across the street to the supermarket store
To buy several bottles of wine
I'm gonna chase 'em down with a cigar-sized doobie and slip into a haze
And leave all my worries behind
In my addle pated state I think everyone I know is so together
The job, the kids, the house, the life
I don't have a place to call my own, just a place to lay my head
My slacker ways a source of strife

Always treated like a bimbo
My life in constant limbo
My tears could overflow a ginormous lake
This situation stinks
I'm a loser. You're a jinx.
Baby, let me tell you what a pair we make.

But I'm not gonna take it
And I'm just gonna shake it
I'm gonna shake it; shake it off!

I should have been a lawyer or become an engineer
Anything but this manic musician
Most of the time, my head is parked way up inside the clouds
Leaving no room for everyday intuition

People drive me crazy
I know they think I'm lazy
Makin' snide comments 'bout how late I sleep
I see the condescension
In their eyes when they mention
How the good things in their life are a giant heap.