1. Fly Away

From the recording Losing My Grip

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Written by Jennifer Perryman and John Anthony Martinez


Fly Away

Why don't we take a vacation?
Leave our troubles behind.
Lose ourselves in a libation,
And do nothing but unwind.
Melt into the sand.
Warm seawater tickles our feet.
The sky a cloudless, brilliant, blue band.
The sun's embrace a healing heat.

Fly away. Hey, let's fly away.
Fly away. Hey, let's fly away
To the laughter, the fun, and the sun, we'll be done with this mundane life.
Fly away. Hey, let's flyaway
Fly away. Hey, let's flyaway

I could stay like this forever
Lost inside this reverie
All of worry's ties I sever.
Just attach myself to the breeze.
Isn't this the way life should be?
Just sitting next to a lava lamp blue sea.
Overwhelmed with all the beauty
Happy to do nothing, but be.