From the recording Losing My Grip

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Written by Jennifer Perryman and John Anthony Martinez


Graveyard of Dreams

Through endless miles of endless telephone lines
Flow the endless stream of hum and drum and daily grinds
Dreams drown out in the roar that's rushin' by
The quest for fulfillment is an elusive one
Grab all you can, well you know, before you time is gone
Hurry, quick! 'Cuz time's been known to fly

It don't matter.
We all end up buried in a graveyard of dreams ... A graveyard of dreams

We watch in Technicolor vapidity
What we should and shouldn't do; how we should and shouldn't be
Do this, do that, if you wanna get what they are flaunting
Doomed to wait, to hope, to dream
Truly, we are destined for the outer seam
Seems there's no escape from this never ending wanting

A fatalistic view is not a popular one
But I don't believe that I am jumping the gun
By saying shame on this monstrous human race
We rape and pillage the world in which we live
Not a thought to future generations do we give
Just as long as with our desire we keep pace

Thoughts spin 'round and 'round bringing madness
There is no escaping from this certain sadness
Tell me, what's the point of an awakening?
The meaningless message of these words unfurl
For a meaningless tune, heard by a meaningless world
What's the point of anything?