1. Drifter

From the recording Losing My Grip

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Written by Jennifer Perryman



Hey drifter, when will you find some peace of mind?
You know that life will get you every time.
Oh drifter, I know inside you've got a heart.
But choices you make sometimes don't seem too smart.
And you can pluck heart strings better than anyone I know.
But tonight, I don't wanna see the show.

Hey drifter, this time is she the one.
'Cuz she's got a light in her eyes that shines like the sun.
Oh drifter, don't let your rage push her away.
Deal with it now. Don't wait another day.
Your demons make you restless, always starting something new.
I just hope that you can see this one through.

Hey drifter, I see your sad, sad smile.
Does regret pursue you with every mile
Oh drifter, how I long to see you fly.
But you clip your own wings with every lie.
In your mind we all owe you something, yourself can do no wrong.
How long, how long will this go on?

You're my blood
You're my blood
You're my blood
I don't know how to tell you these things to your face.
I don't know how to tell you these things to your face.