1. Soul Apology

From the recording Slow Burn

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Written by Face and Jennifer Perryman


Soul Apology

Needing some time to think things through
Don't wanna be angry at anyone; especially you
Wanna live life and not take it too seriously
But things are not always what they seem

All the many things that you see in me
Are only the things that I allow you to see
I got my secrets behind a lock and key
Sorry; it's just the way I have to be
Sorry; it's just the way I have to be
Sorry; it's just the way I've got to be
You have my soul apology

In the part of us where the water runs deep
Don't wanna stir it up, just the stillness keep
Call it selfish; I call it self preservation
'Cuz I'm always down for a little self salvation
See your life just passing you by
Thought you'd do more, be more, see more under the sky
How much should be said? How much do you keep inside?
Lost in the journey forget to enjoy the ride
Egos, fantasies; they lead you astray
Try to grasp the meaning along the way


Sharing, laughing, loving; is that the answer?
We circle around the truth like a dancer
Reaching out for something; anything flying by
To get that feeling, the feeling of being alive
No one is to blame. There's only cause and effect
The things we choose to let in, take hold, and infect
We're only human. Our best built ideals crumble
So let's roll; let's roll; together we tumble.