1. Low Blow

From the recording Slow Burn

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Written by Face and Jennifer Perryman


Low Blow

You've been in love
Risen from the Earth up to the stars above.
You have it all, but the call of your need will never stall
You're blinded by the darkest lie, because of it, you can't see the light
All eyes on you; is the reason behind everything you say and do
It's like a hunger pain; one that promises to drive you insane
It's driving you insane.

Falling over the wall into an ocean
Knocking over all that is for sure
Swallow the potion, the call is torture
Not a misnomer, it's just the law of the low blow

Is the hand of another man worth losing the footing of where you stand?
For all you've built, would you watch with guilt your life unravel like a quilt?
Control the mind the rest of your universe will be aligned
The attention you need is the basis for your every move. It's the seed
Can't help yourself is a copout that belongs high up on the shelf
High up on the shelf