From the recording Slow Burn

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Written by Face and Jennifer Perryman


The Tables Have Turned

Ooh, an altered state is where I wanna go
Why don't you take me there
Fly outta my mind and of my soul
Have the slate stripped bare
Oh, it's a sin to waste, sin to waste
All this emotion
We're getting there, getting there
Best not to force it; oh, best not to force it

Blessed souls; see the light (We got a funk beat goin')
Feel the flow as you catch the tide (You got your freak side showin')
Blessed souls; lose the fight (So get the beat box blowin')
Let worry go as you hear this side (Oh the tables have turned, tables have turned

A spectacle is what I wanna show
Take a risk, a dare
So, let me ask what are we waiting for?
Shed all worry, all care
Ooh understanding, understanding
Is all we ask for
So get to dancing, get to trancing
We could not want more; no, we could not want more; no