1. Blame Game

From the recording Slow Burn

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Written by Face and Jennifer Perryman


Blame Game

Ooh that was such an uncomfortable moment
You like it when the sweat starts to rollin'
Everyone, everything is a fraud subject to exposing
Hardnosed is your middle name
You come up first in the blame game

(Ooh) It was gonna be such a fine day; Yours and mine day; Do and dine day
(yeah) It started out with nice weather; Nothing better; We were together
But the clouds rolled in when
It was time to give trust a spin
And let the past drift away like a dream

Would you play it her way
Even if it meant you wouldn't get to have it your way
Swallow your pride, let things slide
Maybe just this once see things from another side
But she hurt you a time or two
And now she'll pay with your distance and your lips glued
So you push her out. Private you tout.
You're plugged up tight like a clogged up water spout


(you) could cut the tension with a fine blade. The moment made me wanna fade
Into the air like a spirit; I could fear it; I was so near it
But through the cracks and the folds
Of all the tales and the tolds
All the closeness slipped through the seam.

On the outs you glide; how hard you've tried
To the break the bonds, loosen ties, and divide
But blood is thick, makes you sick
To nothing and no one apart from one will you stick
Gives you a high to make her cry
When you slip from atop of your perch you won't fly
Because the weight of all this hate
Sends you crashing to the ground at a fast rate

Ooh, it's fair to say that I understand what you mean
Oh, it wouldn't be fair for me to play victim in this scene
Yeah, shots are taken and thrown from all sides
Where forgiveness is grown, understanding abides