1. Love's Wine

From the recording Slow Burn

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Written by Face, Joe Castillo, and Jennifer Perryman


Love's Wine

Love, love you ran away with me
You're in love with memories that'll never be
You'll be fine.
You know sometimes that love is blind
Just need to give it time
Got to keep your spirits open, or else your heart gets broken

You'll be my love's wine in time (you'll be my love's wine)
Two hearts will soon intertwine (reach out and hold me baby)
God gave me patience to see (I can wait for you)
That our love will always be (come and dance with me)

Trust, trusting you was easy
In your eyes, I saw a look so pleasing
Never knew I could be so satisfied with how you make me feel inside
Can't you hear what I'm trying to say to you?

Trust in what I say
I would never lie to you
Even though we've had our problems
We could always work them through
In our lives the rains may come (trust in me) (2nd x: you will see)
But I'll always shelter you
Our lives are changin'
Our dreams are mendin'

Trust in me (I love you)
I'll always love you. You will see (I need you)
Be with me (come be with me)
The love we share will set us free (I want you right now)