From the recording Slow Burn

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Written by Face, Joe Castillo, and Jennifer Perryman


Funky Little Dots

Funny how life has grown, friends I've made, seeds I've sown
People always telling me what I should, but I won't
They may be right. They may be wrong
I don't care what the people say. I'm standing proud. I'm standing strong
It's crazy how the world will lead you on
With politics and heretics, can't you see it's all gone wrong
Connect the dots and you will see. Unlock your mind and set it free
You may ask, "what does this mean?"
We're just funky little dots in the scheme of things

Funky little dots; funky little dots;
funky little dots; funky little dots
Funky little dots; all I see

Funny how these dots will dance, like dancers in a party trance
What is this? What is that? All these questions in my hat
You silly kids with silly tricks, find a meaning in the mix
You dance and stay up all night long looking for answers in the song
Funky little dots; all I see. If it's clear to you, it's clear to me
Why do I sit and write this song? To see the dots dance all night long
Funny how I fill the staff with notes of whole, notes of half
As eighth notes jump and drive the time, I start to see the rhythm the rhyme
Passing through the staff I see funky little dots all over me
I see no difference in this song as my life's journey travels on