1. I Decide

From the recording Self-titled

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Music by Jennifer Perryman; Lyrics by Jane Perez


<b>(Verse 1)<br />
</b>Why pay for one when he can have one for free?<br />
No need to search the streets, because he's got me...<br />
a private whore at his beck and call<br />
no profit involved...none of any kind at all<br />
<br />
<b>(Chorus)<br />
</b>I have the power in my domain.<br />
I can hold out on him to the point of abstain.<br />
I taunt and I tease him with endless delight,<br />
because I decide who'll have all the fun tonight.<br />
<br />
<b>(Verse 2)<br />
</b>The phone rings in the dead of night.<br />
No witness to see of his desperate plight.<br />
He races over with lust in his eyes.<br />
He hopes he'll come first in the sought after prize.<br />
<br />
<b>(Chorus)<br />
(Bridge)<br />
</b>With the stroke of the clock and the stroke of his hand<br />
the moment ends the same as it began.<br />
He races out to hide from the moon.<br />
Until the next rise, I'll see him soon.<br />
<br />