1. Heart So Cold

From the recording Self-titled

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Music by Jennifer Perryman; Lyrics by Trey Perryman


<b>(Verse 1)<br />
</b>Have you decided on what you'll do?<br />
Have you decided on which way you'll turn?<br />
Have you decided to rid yourself of me?<br />
If so, our heart will be torn.<br />
But now let me tell you this.<br />
Once I leave I will be gone<br />
never looking back<br />
never thinking of what's been left behind....oh<br />
<br />
<b>(Chorus)<br />
</b>My babe, you got a heart so cold.<br />
You still think about the old.<br />
You compare me, degrade me, deceive me, but now no more.<br />
I'm leaving your cold heart behind.<br />
And I know I'm doing right in this.<br />
'Cuz I need you outta my, outta my, outta my mind.<br />
<br />
<b>(Verse 2)<br />
</b>Maybe someday you'll realize<br />
what you've lost and the tears will flow from your eyes.<br />
And your heart will always cry with pain.<br />
It will come to you that I was part of you.<br />
But now that part has disappeared.<br />
If you want that pain to cease,<br />
seek out what has been lost.<br />
Seek it out, baby, and make your peace.<br />
<br />