From the recording Self-titled

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Music by Jennifer Perryman; Lyrics by Trey Perryman and Jenifer Perryman


<b>(Verse 1)</b><br />
As I walk, I thought of you<br />
I remember as if it were yesterday<br />
Your eyes said it all.<br />
Was it the spark or the flame?<br />
<br />
<b>(Prechorus)<br />
</b>Baby, what I say is true<br />
All I know, it was the light of love<br />
<br />
<b>(Chorus)</b><br />
It was the light.<br />
It was the light in your eyes.<br />
I tried to look away.<br />
It was the light.<br />
But the light was too strong.<br />
The thought of you dwells in my memory.<br />
<br />
<b>(Verse 2)</b><br />
As I lie here, I dream of you.<br />
And I know that's it's over.<br />
Your lips were so sweet.<br />
Was it the spark or the flame?<br />
<br />
<b>(Prechorus)<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1216061158343_274" /><br />
(Chorus)<br />
(Bridge)<br />
</b>Well, I know you think I've done you wrong<br />
But I told you, baby, right from the start.<br />
You made me feel so good all over.<br />
But you were not to ever touch...<br />
My heart, you were not to touch<br />
Your love, it took way too much<br />
Now our love, remains as a memory<br />
<br />
<b>(Prechorus)<br />