1. High

From the recording Slow Burn

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Written by Face and Jennifer Perryman



If you break with me now, you can save me how?
Cause you're the only one
I could go a million miles to see one of your smiles
And I'm waiting for more
My back's against the wall, bracing myself against the next fall.
Cause I'm weak yeah
So be patient with me, 'cause I've been for you and it's wearing thin
Fist full of lucky stars
Toss 'em up and see how far everyone of them goes
You gotta come through for me
You gotta make me see everyone of them grows

I; I just wanna get high
dream of a better life
Wanna slip away from the every day
I ;I just wanna get high
just let the time drift by
For once, let fate meet me halfway
I ;I just wanna get high
Unloosen all the ties that bind and make me stay here
I ;I just wanna get high
Let all my tears run dry, 'cuz I know everything will be okay

Fate won't ever let me down
Problems chase me all around
Cuz I won't let this party down

Time's not the type to ask us why'
Never taste the lies
Time will never make apologies
Time only wants for you to be free
Saving pennies for this ride
To get away from my life
To open up my mind
No matter what, time runs forward
You better get on board for the ride of your life