1. On My Own

From the recording Slow Burn

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Written by Face and Jennifer Perryman


On My Own

It's okay
Oh; it's okay
It's okay. I don't care 'bout what you've done to me

Sometimes I wake up
I'm feelin' all alone
I'm tryin' hard to face the fact that you're gone
There's too many places that I have called my home
And too many spaces where I should have known

I tried so hard to be close to you
But you were never home
Deep in my heart, I fell for you
And now I'm standing here
On my own (sometimes I didn't know just what to do with you)
(driving round in circles, wondering where I stood with you)
On My Own (trying to defend myself from pain brought on by you)
(trying to forget you)

The feelings that I
Felt for you
Should have never been sown (trying to forget you)
Oh, you know that the trouble
That I have with you
Were the reflections of an old, old song

It's funny how we live and die
Wasting so much time, just living a lie
Oh, my life has led me here
My life has led me here
Well, I still love myself
And I don't have no fear; no