1. Slow Burn

From the recording Slow Burn

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Written by Face and Jennifer Perryman


Slow Burn

I have this feeling something's buggin'
People are on my case
I feel like I need to tell you somethin'
Set the story straight
The world is something more than the sum of all it's space
I've to make this more than the fight to be the one in first place
I feel the need to funk up somethin' to bang upon the bass
I'm workin' up something truly bumpin' just to get you up to a better place
I don't need a drug to make me higher
I need your love to ride the wire
Movin' us all to where we wanna be, to the place where the music sets us free.

Feel the slow burn
Feel the slow burn
Feel the slow burn
Feel the slow burn

I wanna talk about something that means something
But I don't know what anything means
What is the truth without the lies?
Nothing's what it seems
True, we are the voyeurs, looking on with dispassionate eyes
At the world the black box
Never feeling any ties
Ideals spill information, an endless stream from a flawless face
Saying nothing about anything, just a pollution of air space
We move through life unaffected. We eat and we drink
Letting the powers that be do what they do and the think tanks think